Above all, we value our customer’s opinions so here is a small sampling of recent comments:

We think you should have a Michelan Star, maybe two!

From the gods!

Fabulous Meal!!! Was a very special time spent for Valentine’s!

Dee was especially gracious, Nick was wonderful!!! Thank you for making my birthday special!

Love everything! Great service, great food, great atmosphere here,  love it here!

I thoroughly enjoyed my dining experience here and will return and tell my friends.

Amazing! Simply amazing.

Love the food, so vibrant. Excellent service.

Lunch was great, outstanding presentation, Anna great waitress!

Danielle is a fabulous waitress!!! Dinner was grand and so is your restaurant!

Best brunch I have ever had.

Best restaurant in town.

One of  the best meals we have ever had.

I have lived in Paris as a student and never had a finer dinner there, thank you!

Best trout I’ve ever had in a restaurant.

We’re  so happy to discover you, thank god its not Martys.

Excellent and improving all the time.

A joy to have fresh vegetables.

Love your food and philosophy of local farm fresh.

Fantastic dinner so fresh and well prepared.

Our food tonight was a religious experience-we cannot believe how amazing
everything was and the service was awesome too.

We are your new biggest fans!!!

Reminds us of brunch in the Loire Valley.

Feels like we hit the jackpot!

Best meal I have ever had!

Been coming for years-love the place, keeps getting better!

You should have a Michelin star now!

Great server!  Friendly and helpful!